Nature & More wins ECOCARE Award 2012

Nature & More, the trace & tell system of European organic trader Eosta, has won the first prize for "Sustainable Projects" at the ECOCARE Awards ceremony in Düsseldorf. The jury stated that a huge gap exists between consumer demands for sustainable products, and the (anonymous) way in which fresh products are sold in the store shelves. "Nature & More has succeeded in setting up a direct communication with the consumer that bridges this gap", said a spokesperson of the jury.

Nature & More is the "trace & tell" trademark of Eosta, European market leader in organic fruits and vegetables. Products by Nature & More carry a "stamp" that shows the portrait of the grower and a simple grower code. Consumer can use the code to visit the grower online at The underlying sustainability model, the "sustainability flower", was developed in 2009 by a group of German, English and Dutch pioneers of the organic movement, including Patrick Holden, former director of the British Soil Association.

Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Eosta and founder of Nature & More, reacts: "We are very happy with this recognition, because we are convinced that sustainability is impossible without transparency. With Nature & More we want to show our organic grower's dedication and commitment towards a better world. By telling the grower's story we hope to break through the anonymity barrier of the store shelves and empower the consumer to make conscious buying decisions."

The Ecocare Awards are awarded in Germany every year to the most convincing sustainable concepts in the food retail sector. Sustainability is judged by three aspects: economically, ecologically and socially. Michael Wilde, Communications & Sustainability Manager accepted the prize in Düsseldorf on behalf of Eosta.

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