Tropical wonders

More and more customers and end consumers are asking for more than just the traditional organic apple or cabbage. To meet the demand for more exotic products, Eosta launched the "Eosta Specialties" division which specializes in the Tropical Wonders range.

Why was Eosta Specialties set up?

Two main reasons really. Firstly for a long time we have noticed that many organic consumers are interested in trying new, exotic products. Secondly, we wanted to offer growers of such very special organic products an outlet to the European market. Up until recently these organic growers were apprehensive to grow these products for the simple reason that the risk is too high and the returns too uncertain. To break out of this "catch 22 situation" Eosta Specialties was established to harmonize supply and demand and consequently establish growth in these wonderful products.

How are the products transported to Europe?

We are sourcing these wonderful products from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. We always do our utmost to ensure the fruits and vegetables are transported by boat. Nevertheless, this is not always possible due to the smaller volumes. When they are flown in, the customer is made aware of this fact.

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