West African organic mangoes at Eosta: Innovation, quality and sustainability


Organic mangoes are an important product within our range of exotic fruits. Supplying high-quality mangoes throughout the year is a challenge that requires a lot of attention and professionalism. West Africa's mango season plays a crucial role here. Our commitment to both quality, sustainability and fair trade makes us constantly strive for the best for both consumers and growers. 

Burkina Faso: pioneers and innovation 

In Burkina Faso, we have worked for many years with Fruiteq, a partner that was the first to export organic mangoes directly from Burkina Faso. What started with a few growers and challenging transport by train through Ivory Coast has grown into a robust organisation with more than 1,200 smaller growers as suppliers and professional transport by truck. 

 Besides exporting fresh mangoes, Fruiteq has an impressive drying plant that dries 2,000 tonnes of mango annually. This provides a wide market for member growers. Our cooperation with Fruiteq is more than business; it is a partnership based on trust and shared values. 

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Expansion to Ivory Coast 

Recently, Fruiteq expanded its operations to Ivory Coast, where a new warehouse and drying plant have been built over the past six months. This project unites small farmers and employs hundreds of people from surrounding villages.  

Buyers Joep and Gert-Jan visited the new facilities. Joep: "I am always impressed by the tremendous entrepreneurship and energy of Adama Zongo and his team. Especially here, where there is poverty and hopelessness, Fruiteq provides a place and opportunity for farmers and workers to earn a living wage." 

As an employer, Fruiteq offers young people the chance to develop and learn in the workplace. An inspiring example is the electrician in Ivory Coast who learned his trade at the drying plant in Burkina Faso. In the new project in Ivory Coast, he installed all the machines and drying rooms himself and manages a team of mechanics. Without formal papers, but with a wealth of experience. "That is wonderful to see," says Gert-Jan. 

Senegal: Mangoes with a zero-water footprint 

Our supplier Buursine in Senegal brings together some 40 growers who have their small-scale mango fields in the Thiers region. These growers work on small plots of 1 to 1.5 hectares at most. Walking through the fields, it is almost impossible to imagine that these mango trees, without any irrigation, can produce such sweet and juicy fruit. 

About 300 mm of rain falls in Senegal during August to October. After that, the trees do without any water supply. So mangoes with a zero-water footprint! Grown naturally, with respect for nature and the environment. 

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Senegal is also experiencing the effects of climate change. This season has seen longer periods of higher-than-normal temperatures, allowing mangoes to reach the right sugar levels earlier. The advantage of this is that Senegal's mango season seamlessly matches that of Burkina Faso. 

At Buursine's warehouse, mangoes are hand-selected and polished, ready to be shipped to Eosta. This artisanal process guarantees the high quality you have come to expect from us. 

Harvest and seasons  

The West African mango season has been in full swing for several weeks now! We started the season as always in Burkina Faso with the Amelie variety, currently we are offering the better known Kent variety, and we will close the Burkina Faso season in a few weeks with the Keitt variety. The Keitt mangoes are now being harvested and the first container will arrive at the port of Antwerp in week 24. 

In Côte d'Ivoire, the first rain has marked the end of the season, as rain increases the likelihood of quality problems such as anthracnose. In Burkina Faso, it is dry for now, allowing us to continue harvesting and shipping these delicious mangoes. After Burkina Faso, the season will seamlessly transition to Senegal, where we are preparing for a new phase of delicious mangoes. 

Ask your account manager about the possibilities of planning a great promotion with these socially grown, organic mangoes from West Africa. 

More than just trade 

Our partnership with Fruiteq and Buursine is about more than trade; it is about improving lives and creating a sustainable future for everyone involved. 

With this personal approach and commitment to sustainability and quality, we remain committed to providing the best mangoes for you and your customers. Together, let's build a future where both consumers and growers are at the centre. 

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