Organic limes update: Quality shift in Latin America


The organic lime market has seen significant shifts in the quality and availability of produce from Peru, Brazil and Colombia in recent months.  Read on for the latest market insights. 

Peru: supply start 

Peruvian organic limes have recently entered the market. But have faced persistent quality problems due to adverse weather conditions. This has led to an increased number of rejections in the European market and a drop in demand. 

Brazil: back with excellent quality 

After a temporary export freeze due to import restrictions in the EU, Brazil is again active in the organic lime market. Thanks to adequate measures, Brazil now offers high-quality organic limes, which has led to a strong rebound in exports 

Colombia: stable supplier 

Colombia remains a reliable source for organic limes with consistent quality and stable supplies. Investment in modern farming techniques and strict quality controls have made Colombian organic limes popular in European and North American markets. 

European and North American market 

Over the past week, the price of organic limes in the North American market has fallen slightly, but this will be short-lived. It remains a good-paying market, preferred by Mexican and Colombian growers because of the short travel time. 

As supplies from Mexico will become more difficult from mid-June, demand for Colombian limes will increase. Demand will also increase in Europe due to warmer weather. There will be more demand for limes from different origins, with preference given to the best storable and highest quality. Prices will therefore rise again from the end of June. 


The organic lime market shows how important quality and stability are. Peru is facing quality problems, Brazil is back with high-quality products, Colombia remains a stable supplier, and Mexico will temporarily stop exporting.  

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