Eosta is a leading international distributor of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nature & More tells the story behind our products. Meet our growers and find out all details about their farms, products and ecological and social involvement. See also: www.natureandmore.com.


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Welcome to Eosta

Welcome to Eosta! Eosta is an international distributor of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and juices, with a focus on overseas fruits and greenhouse crops. We maintain a close working relationship with more than a thousand growers in six continents. Our "trace & tell" system Nature & More provides consumers with transparency about organic products. Responsibility, togetherness and authenticity, our core values, are at the heart of our innovative approach.

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At BioFach, the leading  European trade fair for organic products in Nürnberg, Nature & More will present three innovations that...
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Dutch Biodynamic apple grower Louis Ruissen is proud. Finally, European consumers who enjoy his apples, can find out exactly who the...
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Ich habe 2 Fotos im Album „SOS anthem video shoot - backstage“ auf Facebook gepostet http://t.co/ianPGXB8NX