Eosta is a leading international distributor of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nature & More tells the story behind our products. Meet our growers and find out all details about their farms, products and ecological and social involvement. See also: www.natureandmore.com.


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Welcome to Eosta

Welcome to Eosta! Eosta is an international distributor of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and juices, with a focus on overseas fruits and greenhouse crops. We maintain a close working relationship with more than a thousand growers in six continents. Our "trace & tell" system Nature & More provides consumers with transparency about organic products. Responsibility, togetherness and authenticity, our core values, are at the heart of our innovative approach.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 29 June 2015 - "Please take care of our planet. Cultivate it, pass it on responsibly, so we may do...

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 16 June 2015 - ‘By the time you've read this, 9,378 m² of fertile soil has been destroyed.’...
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The UN-backed Save Our Soils campaign, aimed at highlighting the awareness of the threat of soil loss to food supplies, stages a major...
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Organic Farming is all about celebrating diversity ! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. http://t.co/WENuObodq5
RT @people4soil: Guerrilla planting Action at #CelebratingSoil meeting! #people4soil & #saveoursoils together to give a right to #soil http…
This will give you a nice glimpse of the Celebrating Soil! Celebrating Life! event we held in Amsterdam last week! https://t.co/qybEDAuSnD
Last weekend, Nature & More / Eosta celebrated its 25th birthday with the Celebrating Soil! Celebrating Life!... http://t.co/Rm8fNvRmcC