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Welcome to Eosta! Eosta is an international distributor of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, with a focus on overseas fruit and greenhouse crops. We maintain a close working relationship with more than a thousand growers in six continents. Our "trace & tell" system Nature & More provides consumers with transparency about organic products. Food transparency is very important to us. Responsibility, togetherness and authenticity, our core values, are at the heart of our innovative approach.

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In most supermarkets conventional apples are sold unpacked, while organic apples are packed in small plastic trays covered with foil. But that is...

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Today Nature & More launches the video "The True Cost of Food". In less than two minutes the film explains why it is essential to look at all...

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Colourful fruit wrappers have been around for more than a century, but are these days rarely seen in greengrocers or supermarkets. With the...

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True Cost of Food - The Movie:

Turn your organic orange into a BUG:

Eosta is a leading international distributor of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nature & More tells the story behind our products. Meet our growers and find out all details about their farms, products and ecological and social involvement. See also: www.natureandmore.com.


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Grower Krispijn van den Dries was on Dutch national television today with his wonderful biodynamic green and... https://t.co/PrjhM5fthE
Teler @Krispijnvd3s met zijn prachtige boerenkool op tv vandaag! Trots dat wij die ook mogen verkopen! https://t.co/50oTdmYz4y