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Since 1 january 2020


Saved soil (kg).


Organic farming saves soils. Through the use of compost and other practices the soil is protected and restored. Abundant soil life means sustainable fertility and less erosion by water and wind.

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CO2 reduced (kg)


Organic farming is climate resilient. Emissions are less because organic farming does not use inputs like artificial fertilizer and pesticides. Also, organic soils sequester more carbon from the air.

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Water saved (L).


Organic farming saves water and keeps it clean. Pollution is prevented by not applying agrochemicals. The soil has a better water-holding capacity and therefore requires less irrigation.

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Eosta: where ecology meets economy

Eosta is an international distributor of fresh organic and fair fruits and vegetables, with a focus on overseas fruit and greenhouse crops. We maintain a close working relationship with more than a thousand growers in six continents. Our "trace & tell" system Nature & More provides consumers with transparency about organic products. Food transparency is very important to us. Responsibility, togetherness and authenticity, our core values, are at the heart of our innovative approach.

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