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Nature & More launches True Cost animation video

Today Nature & More launches the video "The True Cost of Food". In less than two minutes the film explains why it is essential to look at all the costs of food production including the hidden social and environmental costs. The message: organic products are not too expensive, but conventional products are too cheap.

Michaël Wilde, Sustainability & Communication Manager, explains the purpose of the video: “True Cost Accounting is a complex subject. Many people have told us that it is too complicated for consumers. Nevertheless, we feel strongly that consumers have the right to know about these issues, and in order to change the current status quo, we also want to get them involved.”

Michaël continues: "An animation film is the ideal medium for explaining complex issues in a simple way. The goal is obviously to reach as many people as possible with our message. Organic products are not too expensive, but conventional products are too cheap. We did the math!"

Check the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfRDA15NWao

Nature & More is the trace & tell trademark of Eosta, European market leader in organic fruits and vegetables. See also www.natureandmore.com and www.eosta.com.

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