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Eosta on Dutch national radio and tv today

May 8th, 2017 - Eosta is prominently featured today in Dutch national media, with news about organic avocado’s and the Nature & More True Cost of Food campaign. 
On Dutch Radio 1 news channel NOS reports on statistics concerning the growth of avocado imports. Volkert Engelsman comments that the demand increase for organic avocado's is even higher and denies that this is a hype: ‘I think that the increase is permanent, which, among other reasons, has to do with health. Proactive health care is a strong trend and avocado is known for its healthy properties.’ The news item can be found here (Dutch only). Depending on other news, the item will also feature in the NOS tv-news later today. 
Tonight at 19.20 h, on Dutch channel NPO2, the program ‘Groen Licht’ will feature a reportage on the Nature & More True Cost of Food campaign. In this campaign Eosta, under its trademark Nature & More, reports on the hidden costs of food production for the environment and society. One of its results is that Eosta's organic apples offer a cost advantage for health and environmental impacts of at least 25 eurocents per kg. 

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